2024 NRL Traders Series:

Common Cards, Pearl Specials, Rising Stars, Rising Stars Parallel, Season To Remember, World In League, World In League Parallel, NRLW Womens, Club Heroes, Club Heroes Parallel, Club Heroes Parallel, Showcase Caricatures, Gold Pearl Specials, NRLW Gold Parallel, Sword & Shield, Sword & Shield Team, Sword & Shield Team Parallel, 2023 Retirements, Running Machines, Authentics Initials, White Authentic Signatures, Black Authentic Signatures, Premiership Predictors, Dally M Predictors, Legends Signatures, Case Cards

2023 NRL Elite Series: 

Commons, Silver Specials, Mojo Ruby, Mojo Sapphire, Mojo Emerald, Mojo Black Diamond, Mojo Pink Diamond (Nrlw) Redemption, New Recruits, All Stars, Clutch Kings, 2022 Dally M Awards, Young Guns – White, Young Guns Signatures – Black, World Cup Champions, Masters Series, Masters Series – Signatures, League Sensations Signatures – White, League Sensations Signatures – Black, League Sensations Signatures – Team, Club Champions, All Stars Patch, All Stars Signature Booklet, Dual Signature, Ball Patch Cards & Golden Tickets.

2023 NRL Rivalry Series: 

Commons (51), Bronze Special (17), Silver Special (24), Gold Special & Golden Ticket

2023 NRL Traders Series:

Common Cards, Pearl Specials, Gold Pearl Specials – Titanium Boxes,  Rising Stars, Rising Stars Parallel, NRLW Womens, Driving Force, Driving Force Group – Titanium Boxes, Season To Remember, Power Heroes, Forwards & Backs, Forwards & Backs Parallel, Forwards & Backs Parallel – Priority Box, Club Heroes, Club Heroes Parallel – Hobby Starter Packs, Club Heroes Parallel – Priority Box, Dolphins Inaugural Set, 2022 Retirements, Authentics Initials – Facsimile, White Authentic Signatures, Black Authentic Signatures – Titanium Boxes, Premiership Predictors, Scoring Machines – Titanium Boxes, Legends Signatures, Legends Case Cards & Driving Force Group Case Cards – Titanium Case

2022 NRL Elite Series:

Base Common Cards, Silver Specials, Mojo’s – (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Black Diamond, Yellow Diamond), Speed Series, All-Stars, NRLW, 2021 Dally M Team Of The Year, Young Guns – (White, Black Signatures, Team Signature), Masters Series – Brad Fittler, League Sensations – (White, Black, Team), Captains, All-Stars – (Jersey Patch, Jersey Patch Signature, Ball Patch), Golden Ticket (Mojo Ruby Team Set), Futera 1/1 All-Stars.

2022 NRL Rivalry Series: 

Common Cards: Base Common Cards Are 5 Per Pack With 48 In The Set.
2022 NRL Rivalry Silver Special: Silver Special State Of Origin Are 1 Per 2 Packs With 16 Cards In The Set.
2022 NRL Rivalry Gold: Gold Cards Are 1 Per 5 Packs With 16 Cards In The Set.

2022 NRL Traders Series:

Common Cards, Pearl Specials, Rising Stars, Rising Star Parallels, Season To Remember,  High Performance, High Performance Group, Power Heroes,  Master And Apprentice, Club Heroes, Retirements, Authentic Signature, The Creator, Premiership Predictors, Legends Signatures, Club Hero Parallel Case & Legend Case Card.

2018 NRL Premiers Sets Is Made Up Of The Following:

Premiers Collection
Limited Edition Of 300 Sets With 20 Cards Per Set.
Premiers Signature Collection
Limited Edition Of 50 Sets With Each Card Serial Numbered In A Gold Foil Stamp. Signature Collection Cards Are Hand Signed By The Sydney Roosters.