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2019 NRL Trading Cards:

2019 NRL Trading Cards Is Introducing New Additions And Designs For The Collectors. The Collections Released Are 2019 NRL Traders And 2019 NRL Elite. The NRL Traders Series Featuring The Superstars From All 16 NRL Clubs As Well As Representative Teams. A Limited Edition Signature Series And The Ongoing Legends Signature Set.

The 2019 NRL Elite Series Features The Team Master Set 5/5. Offering A Chance For 16 Lucky Collectors To Find An Individual NRL Team Golden Ticket. A Range Of Quality Signature Cards And Adding A New Jersey Patch Card.

2019 NRL Player In Focus Is A Special Edition Series. Acknowledging The Most Outstanding Player From Each Round In The 2019 NRL Season. Displaying The Players Attributes They Achieved In The Game. Each Round Is A Limited Edition.

2019 NRL Promotional Cards Highlighting The Rugby League Season And NRL Players. Magic Round To Promote The Event That Was Held At Suncorp Stadium In Brisbane, Telstra A Major Sponsor Issued Promotional Team Cards To Be Given Out On The Day Of The Game.