Category: 2013 NRL Traders

2013 NRL Traders Series Is Made Up Of:

Common Cards
The 2013 NRL Traders Common Cards Are 11 Per Pack With 192 Cards In The Set.

The 2013 NRL Traders Parallels Are 1 Per Pack With 192 Cards In The Set.

2012 Retirements
The 2013 NRL Traders Retirements Are 1 Per 9 Packs With 10 Cards In The Set.

Chart Toppers
The 2013 NRL Traders Chart Toppers Are 1 Per 18 Packs With 9 Cards In The Set.

Premiership Series
The 2013 NRL Premierships Series Are 1 Per 36 Packs With 13 Cards In The Set.

Young Guns Signatures
The 2013 NRL Young Guns Signatures Are 1 Per 216 Packs With 16 Cards In The Set.

Case Cards
The 2013 NRL Traders Case Cards Are 1 Per Case Or 12 Boxes With 2 Cards In The Set.

Legends Signature Cards
The 2013 NRL Traders Legends Signature Cards Have 2 In The Set. Limited To 208 Per Player.