Category: 2023 NRL Rivalry

2023 NRL Rivalry Series

2023 NRL Rivalry With 100 Cards To Collect.

Factory Sealed Box
Factory Sealed Box Contains 40 Packets. 5 Cards Per Packet.

Base Common Cards
Base Common Cards Are 5 Per Pack With 51 In The Set.

Bronze Specials
Bronze Specials Are 1 Per 2 Packs With 17 In The Set.

Silver Specials
Silver Special State Of Origin Are 1 Per 4 Packs With 24 Cards In The Set.

Gold Specials
Gold Special State Of Origin Are 1 Per 10 Packs With 8 Cards In The Set.

Case Cards 
Case Cards Are 1 Per Case (10 Boxes) With 4 In The Set. Limited To 15 Per Player.

Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket With 10 Tickets To Be Redeemed. Redeem A 2023 NRL Rivalry Master Set.