Category: 2003 NRL XL

2003 NRL XL Series Is Made Up Of:

Common Cards
2003 NRL XL Base Common Cards Are 8 Cards Per Pack With 181 In The Set.

Club Player Of The Year 
2003 NRL XL Club Player Of The Year Are 1 Per 6 Packs With 15 Cards In The Set.

Team Of The Year
2003 NRL XL Team Of The Year Are 1 Per 16 Packs With 9 Cards In The Set.

Dally M Winners
2003 NRL XL Dally M Winners Are 1 Per 36 Packs With 7 Cards In The Set.

Future Force Signatures
2003 NRL XL Future Force Signatures Are 1 Per 36 Packs With 12 Cards In The Set.

Tribute Cards
2003 NRL XL Tribute Cards Are 1 Per 216 Packs With 2 Cards In The Set.

Legend Card
2003 NRL XL Legend Card Is 1 Per 432 Packs With 1 Card In The Set.

Game Day Jerseys
2003 NRL XL Game Day Jersey Are 1 Per 198 Packs With 3 Cards In The Set.

Redemption Signatures
2003 NRL XL Redemption Signatures Are 1 Per 330 Packs With 6 Cards In The Set. 3 x Game Day Jersey, 2 x Tribute, 1 x Duo Legend.

Case Card
2003 NRL XL Case Card Is 1 Per 12 Boxes With 1 Card In The Set.