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2018 NRL Trading Cards

The 2018 NRL Trading Card Collection Will Have A New Insert Series And Redemptions With New Designs. Additions With Limited Edition Signature Cards Which Will Feature A Gold  Foil Stamp On The Rear Of The NRL Trading Cards. TLA Merchandise Are Excited About The 2018 Release Which Will Build On The Success Of The 2017 NRL Trading Card Series.


Introducing For The First Time A Golden Ticket. One Lucky Collector Will Have A Chance To Redeem A Golden Ticket For The 2018 Elite Masters Set  5 \ 5.

The 2018 NRL Trading Card Collection Includes The Following Series:


2018 NRL Traders

2018 NRL Xtreme

2018 NRL Elite

2018 NRL Premiers Series

2018 NRL Glory Edition

2018 NRL Milestones