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1980’s Rugby League Cards 

1980’s Rugby League Cards Released By Scanlens. The Trading Card Set Included 16 Rugby League Teams With 10/11 Players Per Team. A Photo Of A Team Player In A Head Shot Or An Action Shot. Each Checklist Listed The Players For The Team Set.

1980 Scanlens Set Was Released With A Base Set Of 156 Cards And 7 Extra Cards. On The Reverse Of The 7 Extra Cards Was 3 Cards That Contained 1979 St George Premiers Team And The Other 4 Cards Showing How To Play ‘Flickers’. 1981 Scanlens Included A Game Card Which You Could Scratch Off Panels To Win Or Obtain A Card Collectors Box Through An Offer On The Wrapper.

1986 Scanlens A Return To Cards By Scanlens After 3 Years Of Sticker Sets. Checklists Are On The Reverse Of Club Logo Cards. In 1988 Scanlens Partnered With Stimorol, This Base Set Included State Of Origin Cards For The First Time. 1989 Trading Cards Released For The First Time Stimorol On The Cards And Scanlens On The Wrappers.